Pre Congress Workshops

Monday, 16 September 2024

1 - Ultrasonography in Bovine limbs J. Kofler, J. Laschinger, K. Nuss
Lectures at Corte Benedettina - Legnaro, Padova

Wet lab at Clinical room of Agripolis, Legnaro, Padova (University of Padova)

2 - The most common surgical procedures that can be done in the field A. Desrochers
Lectures at Corte Benedettina - Legnaro, Padova.
Wet lab at Anatomical room of Agripolis, Legnaro, Padova (University of Padova)

3 - Assessment of environmental risk factors in dairy farms and their impact on the incidence of lameness G. Cramer, N.B. Cook
Workshop in a dairy farm: Via Chiesa Rampazzo 47, Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza)

4 - ZINPRO workshop: TBD

Main Congress

7:30 Registration
8:30 Welcome and introduction
1972: when it all began and what no one ever told you
Carlo Maria Mortellaro
A.D. 2024: what we know and what we don’t know about Digital Dermatitis
Stuart Carter
Microbiota, Microbiome, Metagenomics. The 3 M to better control Digital Dermatitis in the near future. A dream or a nightmare?
George Oikonomou
10:40 Coffee break and Exhibition
Moving ahead of DD with systematic prevention, control and AI detection
Dorte Dopfer
Digital Dermatitis and footbaths: marketing strategies with a view to environmental conservation
Gianluca Scacco
12:40 Round table
13:00 Lunch break and Exhibition
Lameness in beef cattle: not just Digital Dermatitis! The situation in America and first Italian experiences
Chris Ashworth, Carlo M. Mortellaro
The challenge of animal transport - what are the current EU regulations?
Kathrin Herzog
16:00 Coffee break and Exhibition
Orthopedic diseases in small ruminants
David Devaux, Adrian Steiner
Lameness in dairy cattle: reasons beyond claws and digits
Johann Kofler, Karl Nuss
18:10 Adjourn
18:45 Welcome reception
7:30 Registration


Looking at their feet: a long and ongoing journey towards understanding lameness
Christoph K. W. Mulling
What are the feet made for and what can we do about it? Aspects of flooring and trimming
Evgenij Telezhenko
A scientific approach to assessing the state of our knowledge about hoof-trimming techniques
Gerard Cramer
10:45 Coffee break and Exhibition
Is mobility scoring the solution? When, what and how of detecting lameness
Laura Randall
Practical therapy of foot lesions: less reliance on antibiotics and greater attention to pain management for improved animal welfare
Jan Shearer
12:45 Round table
13:00 Lunch break and Exhibition
14:15 Poster session
2024: Nutritional challenges and lameness management for dairy cows in a changing climate
Johann Kofler, Karl Nuss
Working on cooling and on environmental risk factors to reduce lameness related to heat stress in dairy cows
Nigel B. Cook
16:15 Coffee break and Exhibition
Last cow in the crush…is the work ending or starting? From claw trimming to identifying the herd problem: working with data
 Andrea Casellato 
17:30 Business meeting
18:00 Adjourn
20:00 Gala Dinner
  Room 1 Room 2
7:30 Registration  Registration
8:30 Oral communications Oral communications
10:45 Coffee break and Exhibition
11:15 Oral communications Oral communications
13:00 Lunch break and Exhibition
14:15 Oral communications Oral communications
16:00 Coffee break and Exhibition
16:30 Oral communications  Oral communications
18:00 End of the congress  End of the congress

Post Congress Course

Friday, 20 September 2024

Hoof trimming and beyond…: practical day on a dairy farm

Via Risorgimento 6, Visnadello di Spresiano (Treviso)

In Collaboration with A.P.I.B. (Italian Association of Bovine Podiatrists)




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